1. In the new issue of Flow Magazine (International version).


  2. My art used as backdrops for the new Anthropologie Morocco-themed campaign. More about it here: http://blog.anthropologie.com/post/78126894116


  3. Winter series inspired by the indigenous people of Alaska. Mixed media.


  4. 2014: New year, new sketchbook. Very quick paintings I’ve done in my sketchbook to warm up this January.


  5. Holiday print orders under way.


  6. Vegetarian Times. This illustration accompanied a recipe for apple and beet salad. Doesn’t get any simpler than that, folks. Fun project!


  7. Poster: Mailing a print out to Spain. FYI: All my work is available as archival, fine-art quality prints.


  8. Editorial illustration: The difficulty of socializing in the suburbs for Ouders van Nu magazine (Netherlands).


  9. Flow Magazine: cover illustration and icons for special insert to the Fall issue.


  10. I was assigned to the letter “P”, for a series of postcards based on the alphabet. A promotion for readers of Flow Magazine.